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2005 Fit Expo Strongman Contest

Overall Placings

1st Brian Schoonveld 36pts
2nd Travis Ortmayer 35.5pts
3rd Jesse Marunde 32pts
4th Odd Haugen 29pts
5th Jim Glassman 28pts
6th Dave Ostlund 24.5pts
7th Corey St. Clair 20.5pts
8th Grant Higa 10.5pts

The Fit Expo was awesome this year! The crowd was way bigger than last year. The best part of the show was announcer, Bill Kazmier, repeatedly referring to Brian Schoonveld as Brian "THE EARTH SHAKES BENEATH HIS FEET!" Schoonveld. Schoonveld broke the world record in the Apollon Axle Lift with 397 pounds. He easily push pressed it 4 times to prove that he is without a doubt one of the greatest pressers ever. Odd Haugen won the 400 pounds in each hand farmers walk with a distance of 37 feet, once again proving that he can hold onto anything that he can wrap his giant hands around. On the medley event only the two tallest competitors made it up all three power stairs with the 500 pound weight. Dave Ostlund edged Jesse Marunde out by 2 seconds, finishing with a smoking fast time of 30 seconds. Travis Ortmayer didn't surprise anyone by placing 2 nd in his first pro show. Travis won the deadlift with an INSANE pull of 1020 pounds. Schoonveld came back to win his 2 nd event of the day by dominating the 1010 pound yoke walk. He carried the giant weight 25 feet in 10 seconds. Finally it would be Ortmayer who would also win the stone lifting event in a very convincing fashion with a time of 23 seconds. The next closest time was Ostlund's 29 seconds followed by Marunde's 40 seconds.

To see pictures of the 2005 Fit Expo Strongman Contest, or if you have any pictures of the event that you would like to submit, please click here to view or post them in the forum.


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