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Sequim lifters muscle their way to the WABDL world championships in Reno, Nevada November 14-15, 2004

Sequim's own Dustin Freeland, age 26, took 5th place at the World Association of Benchers and Dead Lifters with a monster 485 pound bench press in the 275 pound Novice 1 class. Connor Clark, age 17, nailed a 490 pound deadlift while Chris Lee, also age 17, smoked a 210 pound bench press and pulled an easy 320 pound dead lift for his opener but missed his next attempt with 380. Illness plagued all 3 lifters at the contest. Dustin had a fever and Chris appeared to have one foot in the grave but they toughed it out and got on stage any way. To make things even harder for Connor and Chris they just ended a grueling football season and both were exhausted coming into the show. Dustin is dead set on breaking the 500 pound bench press barrier in his next contest. Connor says he's gunning for a 550 pound deadlift, but Jesse says that with some fine tuning to his training Connor could yank 600 up. Chris is undecided about what he wants to do next but says he might try strongman contests. Whatever he decides to do one thing is for sure; we're going to see some big lifts from Chris in the near future!

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Chris Lee's 380lb dead lift

Connor Clark's 490lb dead lift

Dustin Freelund's 440lb bench press

Dustin Freelund's 485lb bench press






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