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Blender Bombs

Orange Tuna Shake

OK you muscle maniacs, it's time to buckle down and try your first tuna shake. Sounds gross doesn't it? Don't knock it untill you've tried it. If your trying to lean out pronto this simple and cheap concoction is just the ticket.

2 cans drained Tuna.
2 cups orange juice.

Add one can of tuna to blender with the O.J.
Pulse the O.J. and tuna at low speed for about 15 secs.
After the first can is in liqiud state add the second can and pulse for another 15 secs.
Increase speed to liquify and blend about 45 secs.
Serve in your favorite beverage container and enjoy!

Yam Shake

If you've never blended a yam before you're in for a treat! It's recommended to use vanilla protein; all though we never criticize anyone's blender bombs, so there is no wrong flavor! This bomb is a gigantic carb blast. Jesse recommends slamming this one immediately after tough workouts for restoration of your glycogen stores.

1 yam (size of yam depends on desired bodyweight)
3-6 scoops of vanilla whey protein
1 cup of ice
16oz of water or milk

Microwave yam for 5-8 minutes or untill knife cuts easily through entire yam.
Add water or milk to blender and turn on high then add yam.
Add whey protein and ice to yam mixture

Best Darn Blender Bomb

I have yet to meet a single person who didn't like this shake. It's so darn good I should be selling em! Most people favor chocolate, but vanilla is darn good too! This blender bomb is a meal in a cup. It's got a good blend of carbs and protein and it's loaded with anti-oxidents.

Equal parts orange juice and soy or rice milk (amount depends on desired thickness)
Chocolate or Vanilla Whey Protein (amount depends on desired protein intake)
One cup peach yogurt
5 pasturized egg whites (optional)
1 tbsp flax oil
1 cup berries of any kind from Jubilee farm (magic ingredient)
Ice (optional)

Toss it in the blender and go to town. You won't need much ice of you're using frozen berries.


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