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Condement Alternatives: Seasoning without the FAT!

Do you guys ever miss things like sour cream on your baked potato or your egg whites fried in butter? How about butter and brown sugar in your oatmeal? Oh! Don't forget the dreaded mayo on the sandwich and lard loaded salad dressing!

If you're reading this then, like most of us, you are on the ever-fulfilling quest for health, vitality and a fantastic body. So here are a few recommendations for ways that you can add flavor to your usual boring dishes without backsliding on your hard earned progress. Contributions are tremendously appreciated! Send to

Instead of... Try...

Sour cream - Fat free cottage cheese or plain yogurt

Butter or Margarine - Fat free butter flavor cooking spray

Mayonnaise - Fat free mayonnaise (for tuna sandwiches)

Cheese - Fat free cheese (watch the carbs!)

Salad dressing - Balsamic vinegar with 1 Tbsp of extra virgin olive oil

Brown Suger - 2 tbsp of sugar free maple syrup (awesome on oatmeal!)

Suger - Splenda (great in Tea)



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