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Jamie's Canadian Curry Lamb (for 2)

This recipe rocks. I tried it myself and let me tell you, make sure you have a big glass of water close by. Jamie lives in Victoria and takes the ferry down to Washington to come train with Jesse and Sarge once in a while. It's become traditional to talk strongman and feast on fine food like this recipe after intense strongman training. Thanks Jamie!

2 lbs of  fresh lamb chops
2 cups brown rice
1/4 cup each: dry roasted peanuts, slivered almonds and macadamia nuts
vindaloo curry paste (I like the Patak's brand from the UK)
sweet mango chutney
mint jelly (optional)

Debone the lamb chops. You want to aim for about 12 oz of lamb per person.
Start your rice
10-12 minutes before rice is done start your lamb. Cook at medium in a deep pan for 5-6  minutes.
Drain the excess water and put back on heat for another 5-6 minutes.
Take your curry paste and put in 1 big tablespoon, 2 if your brave and 3 if you are as tough as Sarge.   
Blend in the paste and mince the three types of nuts to almost a powder.
Add the mixture to the lamb and stir until it is all a nice rich red in color.
Lower your heat and add the rice, stirring constantly.
Now add a tablespoon or two of chutney and serve.
Optional- add a nice big spoonful of the mint jelly make sure you have a big glass of water close by..


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