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Curing Obesity
Jesse Marunde


Obesity is sweeping America.

It is an epidemic.

And it is already causing major health and economic problems .

The related medical problems are costing our country billions of dollars, not to mention the suffering of the obese individuals and their families who have to watch them suffer.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, joint and orthopedic problems, and cancer are all directly related to being grossly overweight. Depression, too, may result from obesity.

In sum, being overweight is a serious - and deadly - health problem. The bottom line is; if you're grossly overweight, you are going to die an untimely death. Losing weight immediately can add years to your life not to mention the dramatic improvement in your quality of life.

Anyone who looks around in an airport or shopping mall can see the change in the American 'physique.' Now it is the thin person who stands out. Twenty years ago the obese 'fatty' was noticeable; today this person is the norm.

By now we all know the 'whys': too much food, which is loaded with suger and fat; too little exercise; too much time sitting in front of televisions and computers.

But the cure to this deadly national epidemic is tougher to implement than to articulate: eating less - much less - and exercising more - much more. Losing weight, especially after you reach middle age, is very difficult. Weight goes on much faster than it comes off.

Frankly speaking, you have to wonder if most obese people have 'what it takes' to get a grip on their problem. Do they have the self-discipline to cut their caloric intake down to about 1,200 per day, after eating probably 6,000 to 10,000 per day? Can they withstand the massive hunger pangs that will grip them for weeks until their bodies adjust? Do they have the mental toughness to stay away from candy and pie especially when everyone around them is eating it? The reality is, most do not. Which is why obesity related deaths are at an all time high. Never before in the history of this planet has obesity killed as many people as it will this year. And the rate is on the rise. You should realize that losing 20, 30, 80 or even 100 pounds is probably be the hardest thing anyone could ever do. The amount of determination, discipline and dedication is beyond anything most people will ever have to face.

Having a healthy body is hard work, there's no doubt about it. For obese individuals who wish to reverse the damage they've done to their bodies it takes hours and hours of exercise and hunger pains. Surgical procedures have helped many obese people, but are usually not necessary. The truth is simple; good old-fashioned hard work is the key to overcoming obesity. If you've tried to lose weight unsuccessfully in the past then consider seeking help from a qualified personal trainer. A good personal trainer can guide you through the process of achieving a healthy bodyweight by helping you plan a proper nutrition and exercise program. Also, let your family know that you intend to lose weight or join a support group.

Make the right decision right now.

Work hard and live long!


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