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Old 01-30-2012
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Default Mike Burke

Mike Burke
By: Callie Marunde-Best 2012

I had some time over the weekend to get to know the winner of The All American Strength Expo, Mike Burke. No one really knew what to expect from Burke as he is fairly new to the big leagues of strongman. Burke was amazing and shocking beating the tough competition, while earning one of the last spots to The Arnold Classic Strongman competition, set to take place in Columbus Ohio this March. Here is the skinny on the new kid on the block.

MM- Stats?
Burke: I am 37 yrs. old, 6'6", 335 lb. and I work as a contractor

MM-Who do you train with?
Burke: Training crew: Brian Shaw, Tyler Stickle, Andy Shaddeau, and Justin at Brian's gym. Then at Colorado Pro Gym I train with Matt Rauzi, Rob Lewis, Darryl Macres, Stan Carradine, and Matt Hairgrove.

MM- I got a chance to spend some time with your wife, she is great. Tell us about her and your kids.
Burke: My wife, Maree, and I are high school sweethearts, married for 18 yrs. My son Michael III is 13 yrs. old; my daughter Bella Blue is 8 yrs. old.

MM-What is it like to train with The World’s Strongest Man Big Brian Shaw?
Burke: I have learned so many different techniques for lifting from Brian, he is a great coach! My biggest challenge is trying to keep up with him, that's what has made me better!

MM- What’s your training schedule look like and how did your press get so good? Burke: Mondays: squats, Tues. is pressing, Thursday is deadlift, and Saturday is all event training every week. One week off for the show core training during that week. I didn't have a great press in the beginning, but throughout training that has improved the most. Pressing comes easier for me, I train it twice a week. I don't really have a secret for pressing it just comes more natural.

MM- What are you trying to work on in your training?
Burke: My deadlift always needs work, which probably won't change in time for the Arnold. My yoke also needs work although it has improved. I just need to get faster at it.

MM- Congrats on winning The All American Strongman Challenge! Are you in disbelief about moving forward to the Arnold, and stepping on stage with most of the strongest men on the plant?
Burke: I am very happy about the win and the chance to go to Arnold. I really expected Stefan to win, he's a monster! I am still in shock about it.

MM- Are you a picky eater, or do you scarf down any and all available food?
Burke: My diet includes eating anything and everything, 3 protein shakes a day and lots of MEAT! I need a meat sponsor

MM- You are fairly new to the sport of strongman can you give us a brief history of where you in the world you came from!!??
Burke: I went into Colorado Pro Gym to rehab my shoulder. After surgery I met Matt, Darryl, Rob, Stan and Matt H. and started training with them. Sarah Jamieson is the Colorado State Chair and told me to enter as "open” in my first amateur competition and that won my spot to Nationals. Although I went on to win 6 more amateur competitions that year, 2010. 2011 I earned my Pro status at the Arnold Amateur Competition.

MM- What’s the last year of competition look like?
Burke: I took 3rd at ASM 2011, won the MHP Olympia 2011, traveled to China in 10-2011 for an exhibition match between Australia, China, and America, took first in China.

MM- You are doing really well for such a new comer, and beating very well-known strongmen. What’s the general reaction you get about this?
Burke: It's funny every time I go to a competition, there are always people whether it is fans or competitors that say "Where the hell did you come from, I haven't heard of you before!"

MM- Mike I would have to agree! Not sure where the hell you came from but you are certainly not to be taken lightly! You had a great show in LA and now you’re off to one of the most prestigious contests known to man. Congrats to you, and by the way I think you might get a bit less people not knowing who you are Thanks for taking the time to let readers at Marunde-Muscle.com/forum know a little about you! We will be back in touch after the Arnold!
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Old 01-30-2012
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great interview, during my short time in strongman and short time in Colorado, I had the pleasure to train with MIke a few times, he is an awesome dude. Very helpful, and obviously a great strongman.
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Old 05-01-2012
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Great interview!
"The Iron is always there for you. Your friends may come and go. Fads come and go, almost everything comes and goes. However, the Iron is the Iron. Two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds. The Iron is the great reference point, the all-knowing perspective giver, always there like a beacon in the pitch black. I have found the Iron to be my greatest friend. It never freaks out on me, never runs, never lies." Henry Rollins
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Old 05-01-2012
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Great interview. Mike sounds like a great guy
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