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Old 04-03-2012
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Default My Sponsor GX Supplements

I have taken allot of supplements in my career but I have never written a review on them. Well this brand makes me want to right a review. I currently am taking a stack of GX supplements:

Maxx GH+T - an extreme GH catalyst with a blended Test boost
BioFuze- BioFuze will help you gain lean mass, strength, and endurance. It is completely anabolic, it is completely natural.
Rebuild- post workout or meal replacement product of the future in the here and now.
N.O. Pump- preworkout loaded with natural ingredients
Amplify- is a high-quality BCAA supplement drink designed for consuption while working out.Once you have tried Amplify you will see it, feel it, and want it for every workout.

Maxx gh+t

This product is awesome and easy to take. Since starting this my strength has been thru the roof, I am starting to slim in the belly region while mixing this with Bifuze, and the sexual appetite increase from this is pretty good to. When you take the dosage 30 minutes before your workout you have more energy, move more weight and feel like you recover allot faster.

BioFuze helps with the digestion of protein and other nutrients. I drink this 2 times a day in my protein shake and add a dose to potatoes or pasta. Virtually non-tasting and easy to drink. I can tell a big difference in how my clothes fit and how i feel every day since I started taking BioFuze.


This is by far the best protein I have ever drank. I have had the creamsicle and the mocha chocolate and they are both awesome. Rebuild has a blend of whey protein and caesine proteing so that it can start working and string it out over time.


Exactly what you would think this is a preworkout energy supplement. But the kicker is I dont get all jittery after using this like I did with Jack3d and NO Explode.


Bcaa loaded in a great tasting formula. I use this during a workout and it helps hydrate, elevate, and recover me from the heavy movements involved in strongman training.

Since starting this stack my weight has been the same but i am down 2 pants sizes. I have put 40lbs on my log press, raised my squats and deadlifts and gotten more agile running with the YOKE.

If you want to use the best products I have ever used the go to www.go-gx.com or visit their face book page at GX Supplements!!

If you want a HUGE discount enter the code JAY at checkout and save 30% on your order.

Results are Limitless!!!!!

Great Supplements at Great Prices. Use discount code " JAY " (in all caps) and save 30% at checkout.
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