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Default Adam Scherr

Adam Scherr-
By: Callie Marunde Best

One look at this monster of a man and you might consider using him a rock climbing wall and using his massive beard to hoist yourself to the top of the mountain man to get a better view. Straight of the hills of beautiful North Carolina, a corn fed, country boy by the name if Adam Scheer is causing quite a stir in strongman these days. Scheer stands 6í8 and weighs 405 lb. He has a beard that requires its own zip code and possibly a neon bandana catching the sweat from his brow. If by some reason you happen to miss his hefty presence you will certainly hear his southern twang when the words ďCountry StrongĒ erupt from his pie hole. And Country Strong he is. He took the time to answer some questions for Marunde-Muscle readers and here is what he had to say

MM: When did your athletic career start?
Scherr: starting back to tee ball god I've played so may sports and games in my life I have been an active athlete since age 4 when I started pee wee football and believe it or not the first few years I played football I was a running back I think we went six or seven years in a row in pee wee football undefeated at the end of my youth football dynasty I had grown to be the biggest kid on the team no longer a running back but now a power house on the offensive and defensive line lol tee ball the same way my father was our coach and unlike the rest of America when your dads the coach and u get to play where ever u wanted and bat first not like that for me my father was Tuff and made me earn where I wanted to play and bat just like everything else in my life I've had to work for it no handouts to this country boy and Iím so glad he was hard on me because it turned me into the man I have become. I only played two years of high school football because the first two years of school I thought it was cooler to skip class and do stupid things with my friends what I wouldn't do to change that lol but it is what it is and I think I still turned out ok. But in the two years I played football I made pretty much every achievement there was. I threw shot and discus and wrestled in high school. In 2004 I tried out for a semi pro football team and made the team after 4 years not playing ball I played a fee years with the hickory hornets and in 2007 did to nfl combines leading the nation that year at the combine where I scored 9.3 out of a ten grading scale but only got arena offers because football is such a political sport like many other things in the us that's y I love strongman itís simple u either pick it up or u don't and there's no one to blame it on when u lose like team sports only yourself. I tore my MCL shortly after the combine playing semi pro ball and after that hung up the cleats a few years later I met David Hansen and Brad Dunn working at a night club in Charlotte NC Dave had me come out to train with him and I few in love with it in Sept of 2009 and less than three years later I am traveling the world competing with the best and with the guys I watch on TV dreaming how I would love to do that itís been a dream come true for me.

MM: Whatís family life like for you? I heard that you come from some pretty good breeding stock
Scherr: I have a great family my mom Sara my father rick and my baby sis Hannah and I come from a lager family my father is 61 years old and 6'6" and @330 lbs. my mom is just a bit bigger than the avenge women at around 5'7" and my baby sister I can't call her my lil sister stands at right about 6'2" they are huge supporters in anything I've ever done and are so proud of my cause I am a huge buzz in the small town of Sherrillís ford NC where I was born and raised. So they get a kick out of keeping the neighbors up to date on where and what Iím doin. I have been very blessed to have such great sponsors as I mentioned earlier the meat center and what they do for me.

MM: Can you tell me a little about your training, I heard you have some unorthodox methods and not much equipment.
Scherr: As far as implements I own I have a log that's really not even my a friend was kind enough to let me borrow it three atlas stones a 175# 340# and 540# just got a circus dumbbell made and an axel anything else I would use to train farmers yoke that's about it I have to drive an hour one way to use. I train at a gym called iron physique in Denver NC itís just like the gym in Arnolds movie pumping iron all old school free weights and dumbbells nothing to fancy just equipment that gets results. The owner Mike Keever has been a best friend of mine for a long time helping me out with anything he could the man would give me his shirt off his back if he knew I could do anything with other than tie it around my head like a new stylish head band that I love so much to wear.

MM: Adam- You look great and I hear you often get mistaken for a bodybuilder those bulging muscles, abs and flowing locks- whatís your diet and hair care rťgime
Scherr: Thanks Callie, My diet if u call it a diet more like a feeding frenzy lol it consist of mostly whole food one fast food meal a day work to a 12,000 to 13,000 calories a day my sponsor the meat center in Mooresville NC plays a big role in keep my shark like appetite for meat cured by sponsoring me around 40lbs of need chicken and fish a week. As far as my hair goes when the humidity and heat canít keep up with my conditioning routine I usually slap on one of my fancy head bands- which really make me unique and handsome. In fact once I retire from strongman I am seriously considering becoming a hair model. If that falls through I will continue to sign the bosom of 80 year old ladies who insist on it.

MM: Adam-Can you tell us about your supps and sponsors?
Scherr: have been very blessed to have such great sponsors as I mentioned earlier the meat center and what they do for me my big sponsor is Moore Muscle supplements they take amazing care of me the owed Adam Moore helps me one on one with my nutrition and is an unbelievable man and has welcomed me into the Moore muscle family with open arms they take care of my traveling and supplements which are top of the line which u can see in how my body type has changed since I won the Arnold am adding 20+ lbs. of muscle and removing 8% body fat I was contact shortly after the Arnold by Adam and began using the products right away and like I say the proof is in the pudding and on there big ass bowl of pudding lol another is silverback crew clothing they provide me a lot of awesome clothes and last bit certainly not least is integrity sport a company that few strongman and soon to be roommate chad Robison mom owns she make all the awesome country strong clothing for me and of anybody what's to get country strong swag can email her at integritysports@comcast.net Jessica is a huge influence in my life and strongman career she is my biggest fan and the person I call or text when Iím at a contest and need to calm down or need words of encouragement she always knows what to say to make my mind at ease. Keep an eye out for her at the Arnold where she is going to try and earn her IFBB pro card in bikini.

MM: I understand that SCL Canada where you finished 8th was your first international contest, can you tell me a little bit about your training and feelings and training going into this contest?
Scherr: I was really nervous knowing the guys I was up against having a lot I mean a lot more experience I've only been lift weights seriously for less than three years just like my strongman I am a baby in this sport. All of my training I did my gym lifts through the week and trained what events I has available to do on the weekends. I don't really have a program I kinds listen to my body to what I train day to day if Iím hurting I just take the say of then resume the next day so I have no set schedule I just do what I can when I can because up until now I have worked 50+ hours a week along with training for strongman which makes it really ruff to get any rest.

MM: A week after Canada you competed in Giants Live where you finished 5th and secured a spot as alternate at Worldís Strongest Man this year tell us a little bit about that.
Scherr: It is still sinking in its hard to believe that less than three years ago I started strongman and Iíve made it to the top with earning a spot at the Arnold pro and an invite to worlds so surreal. gonna be changing training up a good bit after the move not sure to what yet mainly just have implements to use will be the biggest thing for me. I believe mike Jenkins will be the guy to beat this year he is on a fucking terror right now pardon my French. Iím hoping just to be able to get in the mix and continue to show the world what Country Strong is all about
Special thanks to Adam for taking the time to fill in MM about his life and what makes him special. Good luck on your move to Florida, and I will see you WSM buddy!
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amen75dola will become famous soon enough

Solid interview

a big time up and comer and will be on WSM in the very near future my opinion

looked up some of his vids on youtube as well, if anyone hasn't, do it now!

One of the most impressive stone loaders and brute strength people I have ever seen in this sport
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Does this mean we all can use the F word now on here?!?!!? YAY
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I remember one time I got edited and a negative rep for saying someone's workout was bad ass. what is the world coming to???

Great interview. Definitely a strong cat
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