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Meet Jesse and Callie

Jesse Marunde was born in Glennallan, Alaska on Sept. 14th, 1979. At age 9, Jesse began commercial fishing in the Bering Sea. After 14 years of pulling nets, Jesse developed world-class hand strength.

At age 18 he officially closed the #3 Captains of Crush Gripper. In high school, Jesse excelled in football, wrestling, arm wrestling, powerlifting and track and field. At the Washington State high school powerlifting championships, he placed 2nd with a squat of 500lbs, bench press of 295lbs and a deadlift of 540lbs in the 220lb class.

After receiving a football scholarship to Montana State University to play tight end, Jesse began competing in Olympic weightlifting. At age 19, Jesse became a father to Dawson Blue Marunde and in the same year he placed 3rd in the heavyweight class at the Jr. Nationals with a snatch of 242lbs and a clean and jerk of 308lbs. With the guidance of his strength coaches Brett Tudsbury and Steve Gough, Jesse increased his lifts to a 330lb snatch and a 407lb clean and jerk to win the Washington State weightlifting championships in the year 2001.

With aspirations of becoming the strongest man in the world, Jesse left the football field and began competing in the sport of Strongman. Within one year, Jesse became the youngest American, at age 22, to ever qualify for the World's Strongest Man contest on ESPN.

In September of 2005 Jesse placed 2nd in the Met-RX World's Strongest Man competition in Chungdu, China. In his 3rd showing at the ESPN televised event It was his first time making it to the finals and his first time on the podium. Jesse is more determined than ever to pursue greater strength, technique and endurance in an attempt to finally win the title of World's Strongest Man.

Callie Marunde, formerly Michney, was born in Euclid Ohio on Sept. 18th, 1979 . When she was just 4 years old, she said to her father, "Dad, I want muscles!" Callie started resistance training at just 4 years old by lifting soup cans! Just look at her now!

Callie was active throughout high school, competing in gymnastics and cheerleading. In 2000, during her junior year at Ohio University, where she studied exercise physiology, she competed in her first fitness contest. A year and a half later, she won the 2002 Ms. Cleveland bodybuilding show.

After moving to Washington in 2003, she gave bodybuilding a break and started to compete in strongwoman. After six months of training, she won the 2003 national light weight championships. One year later Callie won her nationals again and became the only two time lightweight national champion in the sport of Strongwomen.

In 2004 Callie smoked the competition and won the Washington State Bodybuilding championships in the short class. In addition she won best overall and best poser. In the same contest Callie also placed 2nd in the Figure class amazing everyone with her cross-over ability.

In 2005 Callie again placed 2nd in the Washington State Figure championships.

Currently Callie is 10 weeks pregnant and still working out and enjoying the fitness lifestyle. Stay tuned, she says her greatest physique accomplishments are yet to come!


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