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World's Strongest Man Super Series
Molbork, Poland. July 16, 2005

The second leg of the super series took place in northern Poland in a picturesque setting on the grounds of a 700 year old castle. The competition started at 10 in the morning and the first of the five events would decide the top eight competitors who would move on in the contest.

The first event of the day was a sack loading and wheelbarrow medley. The 4 220lb sacks had to be loaded on a platform about 5 meters away. From there the competitors had to walk a wheelbarrow 20 meters slightly uphill. The second heat saw a close battle between Tarmo Mitt (Estonia) and Dave Ostlund (USA), with Mitt just edging out Ostlund for the heat victory. Jesse Marunde (USA), runner-up from the Los Angeles leg of the Super Series, got off to a great start finishing second in the event only behind Mariusz Pudzianowski (Poland).

The second event was the Conan's Wheel, which weight 770lbs. Dave Ostlund set the early mark to beat with 1.5 laps. Michael Starov (Ukraine) and Slawomir Toczek (Poland) each took the wheel for around 2 laps. Jesse Marunde went just past Ostlund and set the apparatus down having earned good points while conserving himself for the final. Last up was Mariusz Pudzianowski who easily took the apparatus 2.5 laps and simply set it down.

A 935lb car yoke for 20 meters was the third event of the day. Both of the Americans, Ostlund and Marunde, finished in around 25 seconds with no drops, which was good enough to place in the top half of the field. Carl Waiota (New Zealand) surprised many by placing fourth in his first ever yoke walk in competition. Again, Mariusz easily won this event with only Michael Starov being in the same league on this event.

A deadlift platform loaded with a large tire, weight plates, and two women served as event number four. The weight was 704 lbs. Ostlund, Marunde, and Steve Bourgeois (Canada) all tied with 2 repetitions. Raivis Vidzis (Latvia) posted 9 repetitions with picture perfect form only to be beaten by the dominator, Mariusz Pudzianowski, with 10 reps.

At this point there was one more event to decide who the top eight to move on would be. The points from the first four events would not count towards the final, but the points from the fifth qualifying event would.

Event five was a farmer's walk with 330lbs per hand for 40 meters with a turn halfway. There was quite a battle in the 8 and 9 spots between Ostlund and Waiota, both trying to avoid the cut. Ostlund was behind by 1pt, which motivated him to post a solid time of 25 seconds, which was enough to pull into eighth and the final. Marunde was just 3 seconds behind Ostlund and Pudzianowski won his fifth event in a row with ease.

A four log medley was event number six. The weights of the logs were 275lbs, 297lbs, 330lbs, and 352lbs. Marunde and Pudzianowski were the only two to complete all 4 logs, both making the task look effortless. While Marunde had picture perfect power jerk form, Mariusz used brute strength to edge Marunde out by one second.

The tire flip was the next event. It was an awkward 750lb tire for eight flips. It was Pudzianowski and Marunde going one-two in this event as well. Mariusz won the event by five seconds over the next competitor to make it seven wins in row.

The Hercules Hold was event number eight. Mariusz finally showed that he might be human by taking second to Janne Virtanen's (Finland) awesome hold of 54 seconds. Being consistent as ever, Marunde took another top three event finish with 42 seconds.

The ninth event was the atlas stones, after which two more competitors would be cut from the field before the last event. The five stones weighed 275lbs, 300lbs, 330lbs, 350lbs, and 385lbs. It was a disappointing finish in this event for the Americans, Marunde and Ostlund, who were expected to challenge for the top spot in this event. Both completed four stones in very fast times, but were unable to load stone five. The opposite lane saw four competitors finish the five stones with Mariusz taking first in 20 seconds and Vidzis second with 25 seconds. Following the stones, Michael Starov and Dave Ostlund were cut from the field by virtue of being in the 7 and 8 spots respectively.

Going into the tenth event, the power stairs, Mariusz had an insurmountable lead and the race was now on for spots two through four to decide the guaranteed invites to WSM. Jesse Marunde and Slawomir Toczek were tied for second. Elbrus Nigmatullin (Russia) was in fourth, but was still in jeopardy of being caught by Vidzis. The weights of the three stairs were 495lbs, 550lbs, and 605lbs; each to be brought up five stairs. Toczek posted an incredible time of 43 seconds to take second in the event and the overall. Vidzis and Nigmatullin completed the course within the time limit. Mariusz once again dominated by posting a time of 28 seconds.

The contest finished up at about 9 pm with a strong crowd still on hand. The Polish competitors dominated the contest by taking the 1 and 2 spots. Toczek and Nigmatullin are now qualified for WSM along with Pudzianowski, Marunde, Virtanen, and Filiou.

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