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1st annual Sequim Irrigation Festival
Strongest Man Contest
May 14, 2005


The 1 st annual Sequim Irrigation Festival Strongest Man Contest was a huge hit. The crowd at the logging show completely filled the bleachers and beer garden and there were hundreds more standing whereever a view of the competitors could be had. The spectators were rowdy and showed how much they were enjoying the show by cheering loudly throughout the event. It was observable by all that the strongman contest was the biggest attraction of the whole show. The new Marunde Muscle T-shirts were a huge hit as well. Everyone wanted to buy one.

The competitor line up included:

Corey St. Clair from Idaho
Rocco Liogghio from Tacoma, WA
Tim Naggy from Auburn, WA
Grant Higa from Seattle, WA
Odd Haugen from California
| Jesse Marunde from Sequim, WA

Log Press

The first event was the giant log press. Sarge made a 14 diameter log that is 6 feet long and weighs 320 pounds! Corey cleaned the log several times but wasn't quite able to lock it out over head. Rocco had the same difficulty as Corey and said that the thickness of the log made it nearly impossible to find a balanced position to begin pressing from. Grant Higo, who is a supurb presser struggles mightily but finally pressed the log just one time. Grant stands at 5'8 tall and due to the log's thickness had to lean way back to press it. Next up was Tim Naggy in his 3 rd ever contest. Tim easily clean the log and pressed it with little difficulty. His 2 nd rep looked extremely hard and it appeared that he wouldn't get a 3 rd rep. But with amazing effort Tim was able to press 3 more repetitions. One rep was taken away for dropping the log but the crowd knew Tim was strong enough to press the giant log 5 times. This was probably the most amazing feat of the whole contest! Odd got 2 reps in the log and was having a hard time finding his balance on the sawdust covered ground. His 2 reps was still good enough for 3 rd place. Last up was home town favorite Jesse who tied Tim with 4 reps. Jesse barely got his 4 th rep locked out and looked like he was about to lose it before steadying himself in order to get the down signal from the referee.

Dead lift Medley

The deadlift medley consisted of 4 barbells weighing 400, 450, 500, and 600 pounds. Competitors had to lift all the bars in a row in the fastest time. Everyone managed to lift all 4 bars. Odd got 3 rd place with 16 seconds. Grant got 2 nd place with a blazing fast time of 14 seconds and then pulled the 600 pound barbell for 2 more reps! And as if that wasn't enough he spun around 180 degrees to face the cheers of the crowd behind him. The spectators went nuts! Finally Jesse took the win by barely beating Grant with a time of 13 seconds.

Arm over arm truck pull

The third event was a little too light, but still fun to watch. The athletes sat in a tractor tire and pulled a 4 door GMC 4x4 arm over arm with a thick rope for a distance of 80 feet. Odd got 3 rd place, Corey got 2 nd and Jesse grabbed another win.


The final event was everyone's favorite, the stone of the strength. Cement spheres, totally 6 in all, were lifted onto a 54 platform. The stones weighed 275, 305, 312, 325, 335, and 335. The diameter of the stones was rather large making them even harder to lift. Corey, who usually does really well on the stones, only managed to load the first 4. Rocco was really impressive and loaded 5. He picked the 6 th stone up into his lap and tried with al his might to lift it to the box but just couldn't quite get it. Tim beat Rocco's time on 5 stones but he too couldn't get the 6 th stone up after trying several times. Like the previous two lifters, Grant also solidly loaded 5 stones. Odd methodically loaded all 6 rocks and left no doubt in any ones mind that he could have easily duplicated the feat again had there been 6 more rocks lined up. Odd loaded the 6 th stone, which weighed 335 pounds as easily as the first one. Last up was Jesse who had the advantage of being able to train on the same stones that were used in the contest. No one was surprised to see Jesse steal the win with a fast time of 24 seconds on all 6 stones.

Bonus Tug-o-war

The kids challenged the strongmen to a tug-o-war. The strongmen gave it an honest effort but the combined power of at least 40 youngsters was just too much to overcome! The kids easily dragged all 6 300 pound strongman across the dirt. It was really funny to watch.

Click here to see pictures of the show. More will be added as they are received, so be sure to check back again in a few days.


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