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Women's Tri-Fitness Challenge
July 8-10 in Las Vegas, Nevada


Last weekend I competed in a Women's Tri-Fitness (WTF) challenge! It was a blast! The events that I participated in were Grace and Physique (bikini round), Obstacle Course, and Fitness Skills.

The grace and physique round was great! All the Vital Choice fish I've been eating really proved it's worth onstage at the Lance Burton Theater in the Monte Carlo Casino and Resort in my bikini and heels. What could be better than looking my best on stage in Vegas?!

The obstacle course was the most difficult 74 seconds of my life!! (I would rather flip a 500 lb tire 500 feet) I had never touched any of the obstacles, but I was very pleased with how I did!

I benched 80 lb 49 times, sprinted a 20 foot shuttle run 10 times in 41 seconds and I performed 50 box jumps in a little over 1 minute.

Overall the quality of the competitors was out of this world!! All of the girls were absolutely amazing! Many of them were colligate athletes, had track backgrounds and all had smoking physiques! They were all very sweet too.

WTF promoter, Al Rosen, put on a AWESOME show!! I look forward to training for his next show in Tampa this November!

The best way I can describe Women's Tri-Fitness is Barbie meets GI Jane! Enjoy!

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