Dangers Of Relying On Athletic Performance Enhancers

Performance enhancers are drugs used by athletes of different levels; from beginners, recreational and even professional athletes. Many times, highly ranked athletes have been in the limelight after receiving a huge media attention due to their association with performance-enhancing drugs.

Over the recent past, the practice has found a way to extend down to the upcoming sportsmen even at school competitions, local derbies and the like.

Keep reading to understand what performance are enhancing drugs (PEDs), how they work and the dangers associated with relying on them.

What Are PEDs?

While this may be seen as a ‘good’ thing it not only gives the other competitors an unfair competing ground but also exposes the user to many dangers.

These are drugs that boost the user’s active performance. The use of these drugs is commonly known as ‘doping’. Yeah, you have heard of athletes who have been allegedly accused of doping and some even banned from taking part in sports activities among other punitive measures.

The first instance of the use of PEDs among athletes was back in the 8th century. During this time, Greek Olympians were alleged to have feasted on ‘sheep testicles’; apparently, this would boost their energy levels.

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How Do PEDs Work?

As strongly suggested in the name performance enhancing, these drugs work by instantly increasing and or boosting a number of features in the body. For instance, they could boost your strength, give you more power, boost your capacity to endure and the end result is a spectacular improvement on an athlete’s performance.

The PEDs get one’s body aroused, and your body’s perception of pain and other sensations is affected in a huge way.

As such, one is able to perform extraordinarily. While this may be seen as a ‘good’ thing it not only gives the other competitors an unfair competing ground but also exposes the user to many dangers.

Dangers Of Relying On Athletic Performance Enhancers

Some PEDs are used to cause quick weight loss which is not healthy for the body.

While the use of PEDs may seem helpful in helping the user meet some short-term goals, it exposes the user to more devastating effects in the long run. Some of the well-known negative side-effects of the drugs include:

They Attract Cardiovascular Diseases

PEDs are associated with the risk of heart-related diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure or even heart attacks. This is common with people who rely on injectable PEDs.

PEDs Can Cause Liver Damage

According to research, the use of steroids can cause liver damages such as tumors and other effects that could inhibit the organ’s performance. An impaired liver could cause other health complications such as edema, jaundice, and body swelling especially around the legs and arms.

They Can Affect One’s Growth

As much as they boost one’s muscle building, many PEDs could end up causing a stunt on one’s overall growth. This is especially when they are used by youthful people like teens and adolescents whose bodies are still developing.

They Dehydrate The Body

Some PEDs are used to cause quick weight loss which is not healthy for the body. This is because during the process, the drugs could end up flushing too many fluids from the body and the end result is dehydration. A dehydrated body is exposed to many other health complications including; low blood pressure, fatigue, dizziness, and a deficiency in potassium.

Emotional Side-Effects

PEDs can cause unexpected emotional outbursts such as aggressiveness, rage, and violence. When used for a long-term, they could end up causing severe emotional issues such as stress and depression. PEDs cause irritability, mood swings, and paranoia. This emotional effect can cause the athlete to act recklessly because of poor judgment.

PEDs Can Cause Undesired Gender Impairments

While they enhance the performance of the user, these drugs can end up causing undesired effects to the bodies of men and women involved in it. According to research, women could develop male features such as a deep voice, irregular menstrual cycle, and baldness. Men could have a reduced sperm count which could result in infertility.


Aside from causing harmful effects to the users physically and mentally, the use of performance-enhancing drugs is also unethical.

Even if an athlete wins illegitimately, the win remains unlawful and dishonest.

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